The Top 10 Industries With The Most Job Openings

Dec 5, 2022 Share
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According to the latest data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are over 9.7 million job openings in America, right now![1]

This means tens of thousands of employers may be actively looking to hire you and could be ready to outbid one another for your services. presents the top 10 industries  with the most job openings[2]

10: Information: There are 206,000 jobs available in the information industry

9: Other Services: This wide array of service work has 267,000 job openings

8: Construction: The latest data show 422,000 construction jobs need to be filled

7: Financial Activities: 501,000 jobs in finance and insurance are available

6: Manufacturing: A resurrection in US manufacturing requires 806,000 workers

5: Government: With 1,049,000 job openings, the government is hiring

4: Trades, Transportation and Utilities: 1.585 million skilled workers are needed

3: Leisure & Hospitality: There’s 1.631 million job openings in this hot industry

2: Professional & Business Services: 1.916 million job openings for business pros

1: Education & Health Services: Over 2.3 million jobs in healthcare are available

The top ten industries with the most job openings have more than 9.7 million positions waiting to be filled.  With so many jobs available, in so many different industries, now may be the best time in decades to find your perfect job.

See the thousands of employers who are actively looking to hire you at:

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