No College Degree? No Problem!

Nov 2, 2022 Share
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Here’s Some of The Highest Paying Jobs You Can
Get With a High School Diploma

Did you know that there are hundreds of high-paying careers available that don’t require any additional education beyond a high school diploma? It’s true. In fact, many of today’s jobs that don’t require a degree, can pay you just as much money as jobs that do require a college degree.

Now, the jobs we are about to show you aren’t necessarily entry-level jobs, but with some on-the-job training, you can work your way up to the big salaries associated with them.

You should know beforehand that if you have certifications or career college/trade school experience, you may be able to climb the salary ladder in these jobs, much faster.

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The training that these schools provide can help you quickly increase your salary potential. Much quicker in fact than if you have a high school diploma alone.

But remember, with the following jobs… no college degree, no problem!

Here are 17 high-paying jobs you can get with a high school diploma *

17 – Gambling Manager: A gambling manager plans, directs, and coordinates gaming operations at casinos and other gaming establishments. They earn a median salary of $76,910.

16 – Gas Plant Operator: With this job, you’ll oversee regulating the facilities that pump gas for utility companies, ensuring everything is running safely and smoothly. All while getting paid a median salary of $77,850.

15 – Electrical Power-Line Installer, Repairer: Despite not needing a college degree, these professionals earn a median salary of $78,310. Line workers keep our electrical grid up and running.

14 – Petroleum Systems Operator, Refinery Operator and Gauger: As one of the top 20 paying jobs for people without a college degree, these professionals earn a median salary of $79,540.

13 – Supervisor of Non-Retail Sales Workers: By overseeing a team of people who sell goods and services to businesses and individuals, supervisors make a median salary of $79,680 a year, and may earn commissions on sales.

12 – Locomotive Engineer: Interested in driving trains? Locomotive engineers do not need a college degree, and earn a median annual salary of $79,740, plus amazing benefits.

11 – Transportation Inspector: At a median salary of $79,770 per year, these professionals are responsible for inspecting commercial transportation vehicles including trains and trucks.

Now, before we get to the top ten high-paying jobs you can get without a college degree, head over to to explore opportunities in your area with the first five highlighted jobs.

Keep in mind, the salaries we’re highlighting are “median” salaries, meaning these jobs may pay more or less depending on where you live.

Now, the top 10 high-paying jobs you can get with a high school diploma

10 – Postmaster and Mail Superintendent: Practitioners of these jobs oversee operations at US post offices and postal facilities. Even without a college degree, you can earn a median of $80,250 with this career.

9 – Signal and Track Switch Repair: Another career with the railroad, these pros are responsible for testing, maintaining, and repairing the nations rail lines, while earning a median of $80,570 a year.

8 – Power Plant Operator: There’s no college degree required to become a power plant operator. However, you’ll need years of on-the-job training to earn the big bucks: a median salary of $80,850.

7 – Subway and Streetcar Operator: Ferrying passengers to-and-fro pays quite well. These civil servants spend their days keeping people moving, while earning a median salary of $81,180 per year.

6 – Criminal Investigator and Detective: While some police forces may require a college degree to become an investigator, many don’t. Investigators and detectives get paid a median income of $83,640.

5 – Elevator/Escalator Installer: The elevator business is looking up! Jobs in this industry are paying well, require no college degree and are in high demand. You can expect to earn a median salary of $97,860 with good training.

4 – Storage, Transportation and Distribution Manager: In this job, you’d handle the logistics of warehousing, moving, and dispersing all types of commercial items. As a manager, you could make a median salary of $98,230.

3 – Power Distributor and Dispatcher: As its name implies, power distributors coordinate and regulate where, when, and how electricity is distributed. These professionals make a median salary of $98,530 a year.

2 – Police and Detective Supervisors: These are among the highest paid people who don’t necessarily need a college degree, but definitely need many years of on-the-job training. They earn a median salary of $99,330.

1 – Nuclear Reactor Operators: While nuclear engineers are most often college educated, reactor operators need not be. They operate the controls at nuke plants and earn a median salary of $104,260 after plenty of on-the-job training.

If any of these fifteen high-paying jobs that don’t require a college degree interest you, simply head over to to explore the opportunities in your area.

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Good luck!