How to Find a New Job That Offers a Signing Bonus

Apr 11, 2024 Share

If you’re a sports fan you probably know all about signing bonuses. A superstar athlete may become a free agent, shop his services around to teams that are known to pay huge annual salaries… then go with a team that offers both great pay plus a big signing bonus.

The Baltimore Ravens quarterback, Lamar Jackson, for example, signed a huge contract that included a whopping $72.5 million in signing bonuses.[1]

Heck, even athletes who haven’t gone pro yet can sometimes get big signing bonuses.

But signing bonuses aren’t just for pro-athletes. In fact, a whole lot of different industries and companies use signing bonuses not only to attract top talent, but to simply fill open positions.

Why would companies use signing bonuses to fill regular positions, you ask?

Well, there’s a huge shortage of workers out there, and companies are doing just about everything they can to attract applicants.

Now get this, has connections to employers, nationwide, who are currently offering singing bonuses. And some of these singing bonuses can be quite generous. In just a minute, we’ll show you how to find a job that offers a signing bonus.

But first, what are the “industries” that are known to offer signing bonuses?

Well, according to an article in CNBC, 5.2% of all job postings were offering signing bonuses at the time they published their article…[2]

And here’s the eight “fields” they say had the highest percentage of signing bonus offers:

  • Nursing: of all job postings, 18.1% offered a signing bonus.
  • Driving: Of all job postings, 15.1% offered a signing bonus.
  • Dental: of all job postings, 14.7% offered a signing bonus.
  • Veterinary: of all job postings, 13.5% offered a signing bonus.
  • Medical technician: of all job postings, 12.6% offered a signing bonus.
  • Physicians and surgeons: of all job postings, 11.4% offered a signing bonus.
  • Childcare: Of all job postings, 11.3% offered a signing bonus.
  • Personal care and home health: of all job postings, 11.3% offered a signing bonus.

See, signing bonuses aren’t just for NFL superstars. They may be available to almost anyone! Remember, the jobs above were just the ones with the highest rate of signing bonuses, but they’re not the only ones.

Now, some of the fields listed above may be interesting to you, and you may already work in one of them. So… why not look for a new job in your field that offers a signing bonus?

Besides the up-front money, you may find a job that pays more than the one you have right now. That’s a win-win!

But even if you’re not in one of those eight fields, there may be signing bonuses available to you. Here’s how to find them:

Simply go to’s homepage and enter the words “signing bonus” into the job description search bar, and the area of the country you want to work at in the “location” search bar…

And there you go!


You may find that some of the jobs that offer big signing bonuses will require you to have a specific degree or some specialized training.

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