How to Find a Job Fast

Apr 4, 2024 Share
How to Find a Job Fast

You have it so easy today. Finding a job has never been as fast as it is right now.

You see, back in the old days, finding a job was pretty hard. To find a job, you either had to know someone who was hiring, go storefront-to-storefront looking for help wanted signs, or you needed a newspaper. Yes, an actual black-and-white printed newspaper with local job listings.

Print newspapers still exist today, believe it or not, and they still have a jobs section. But that’s another story.

Now, finding a job in the past (like the late 1990’s or even early to mid-2000’s) probably went something like this:

You’d go down to the newsstand and buy a newspaper for a buck or two (or had one delivered by a paperboy) …

Then you’d head home with your newspaper to begin your search.

To look for a job, you had to wet your fingers, open the paper and turn to the “help wanted” section. Once you got there, you’d take out a magnifying glass and start looking through all the job postings.

The print was tiny, your fingers would get covered in ink, and there probably weren’t all that many jobs available that interested you.

But if you were lucky enough to find one that did, things got even tricker. You had to call a phone number in the job ad, hope someone answered… and hope the job was still available.

If it was, you had to either fax or mail your resume in, and hope someone read it. If you didn’t have a fax machine (who did?) you had to go down to the library to find one. If they didn’t have one, it was off to the post office.

It could literally take weeks or months to find a job back then.

Boy have things changed!

Today, with, you can find a job anywhere in America, in just about any field of work… and you can find one fast.

Really fast!

You see, technology has changed not just how we live, but how we work and find work. Because of the internet and its connectivity to people and jobs, finding a job has become easier than ever before.

How easy is finding a new job?

Well, you don’t need a newspaper, you don’t need to walk the town looking for help wanted signs, and you don’t need to personally know anyone who’s hiring.

All you need is your computer. From your fingertips you can find almost any kind of job, from almost any kind of employer, almost anywhere in the US.

And you can do it without ever leaving your home.

Today, finding a job goes something like this:

You log on to

On the homepage, you enter the kind of job you’re looking for, and where you want to work…

Then click View Jobs.

And, in a flash, all the jobs pop up for you!

That’s it.

You don’t have to spend weeks or months searching for jobs. With, finding a job has never been this fast, or this easy.