Government Jobs: The Benefits and How to Get One

Dec 5, 2022 Share
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If you’ve ever thought about working for the government, and were wondering about the benefits, career advancement opportunities and the current availability of government jobs, you’ve come to the right place. has hundreds of government job opportunities (right here) across various sectors of federal, state, and local governments. All you have to do is learn why a government job may be right for you and then apply!

Is a government job right for you?

If you’re looking for job security, generous health benefits, large compensation increases, more vacation and holidays, the opportunity for career advancement and generous retirement packages, then a government job may be right for you.

Job security:

With uncertainty in the economy, we all want assurances that our job will last. Compared to the private sector, government employment often offers far better job security. In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, public sector workers enjoy nearly double the job security of the private sector.[1]

Health benefits:

Many government jobs offer employees fantastic health benefits. The federal government, for example, has among the widest selections of health plans of any US employer.[2]

Compensation increases:

While government work may not offer some of the huge pay scales as some jobs in the private sector, government workers can receive high pay increases throughout their careers. From 1951 to 1991, the average employee of both state and local governments received $1.37 in compensation increases compared to every $1 received by the average private sector employee. Even more impressive, since 1980 alone, the average state and local employee received $4.78 for every $1 increase given to private employees.[3]

Vacations and holidays:

If you love having paid time off work, government employment may be for you. The average state and local government employee will have nearly 10 more paid holidays and vacation days, annually, than private sector employees. Federal civilian employees fare even better, with 13 more paid vacation days. Throughout your career as a government employee, you can expect to see 1.5 more years in paid vacation and holidays than the average private sector employee.[4]

Retirement benefits:

Besides job security, retirement benefits may be among the most attractive reasons to work for the government. Federal employees, for example, often have the option to retire earlier and younger than private sector employees.[5]

Additionally, many government jobs offer pension and retirement plans that are unmatched. In fact, by working for the federal government, you could earn a pension plan in as little as five years.[6]

But it’s not only the federal government that offers fantastic retirement plans. There are more than 5,500 pension plans sponsored by both state and local governments with nearly 21 million people participating in them. These include active public employees, former employees who’ve earned benefits and retirees.[7]

Working for the government is an attractive option for many. The benefits you could receive with a government job are hard to match. So, if getting a government job is the right move for you, simply visit, click on the “Government” jobs icon, and begin your search!

You can also sign up for free government job alerts here – GET FREE JOB ALERTS – and you’ll receive alerts the moment your preferred government job has an opening in your area.

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